E-Solutions & Services

A web-based enterprise suite of payments and collections solutions that offers organizations a secure, simple and cost-effective alternative to cash and cheque payments across multiple banks. Features & Benefits

  • Secure payment transactions
  • Single view of all customers’ accounts, statement and transaction history within the bank on the platform
  • Carry out intra & interbank transfers using NIP and NEFT,
  • Create domestic and international payments from a single solution
  • Custom duty payments for both import and export products
  • Outsource Payroll processing to a portal through a single instruction,
  • Card Services- Request, set limit and block cards
  • Standing Instruction - Initiate a payment and beneficiary receives the money on any set date
  • Pay corporate taxes, staffs taxes and pension
  • Cheque Services- request for a cheque book, confirm and stop cheques
  • FX Bidding