Asset Products

This is a hybrid of FX payments for SME Imports (CBN Form Q) done via telegraphic transfer. SMEs can access $20,000 from CBN and additional $60,000 from the bank.

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SIT creates additional opportunity for our customers especially importers to access up to $100,000 every quarter from the Bank strictly via Letters of Credits (LCs).


  • Cheaper source of FX
  • Cost saving transactions
  • Ease of access to FX for import payments
  • Timely access to finance
  • Secure FX transactions
  • Customer can access up to $180,000.00 for Import payments ($100,000.00 from SIT and additional $80,000.00 from CBN FX Payment and SME Import Loan)
  • Granti Bankasi source of FX
  • Customers can plan and carry out business in a more structured way

FUSS- Facility Upgrade Support Scheme (For Schools)

This loan product is designed for Schools to finance renovation /upgrade of their facilities, purchase of vehicles and equipment such as computers.


  • Accessible by Schools & Educational Institutions
  • Time or Term loan up to a maximum of 3 years tenor.

HFUSS-Hospitality Facility Upgrade Support Scheme (For Hotels & Quick Service Restaurants)

Hotels and restaurants can access finance for renovation /upgrade of their facilities, purchase of equipment and assets such as Generators.

HFUSS - Hospital Facility Upgrade Support Scheme (for Healthcare)

This product was designed for Hospitals to finance renovation /upgrade of their medical facilities and purchase medical equipment and assets such as Generators, Vehicles.

AFD (Agence Francaise De Development) - ARIZ Portfolio Guarantee

This is a limited guarantee designed to bridge the gap of collateral inadequacy of SME’s and MFI’s in accessing finance from the bank, by providing a risk-sharing tool that is flexible, cost effective and easy to use.

The focus is to grow SME’s risk assets portfolio on Term Loans, FUSS (Schools, Hospitals and Hospitality sectors), AccessNolly Funds, etc.


  • Ease of access to loans
  • Collateral requirement is reduced
  • Increase in turnover